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Hendrik Huisman is a Chiota Aviation flight instructor and administrator from Zwolle, The Netherlands, but he hails from Stephenville, Texas. "I have been flying planes since the age of 5 due to frequent travel to and from Europe. From an early age, my love for aviation was not so much the destination as getting to ride planes and be at airports. I was hooked immediately!" During the spring of 2019, Hendrik began his aviation journey at TSTC Waco, where he obtained his Private, Instrument, and Commercial ratings in a Cessna 172 and PA-28 Arrow. After obtaining his CFI-A in the spring of 2021, Hendrik continued on to obtain his CFI-I in Addison, Texas. Hendrik has also included his TCI for Cirrus flight instruction. 


CFI/CFII, TCI for Cirrus

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