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Cirrus SR20 Specs

The Cirrus SR20 Aircraft is a perfect dual-role airplane on the market today. It provides an easy-to-use platform for newer pilots and is perfectly suitable for business use. The Cirrus SR20 has been built since 1999 by Cirrus Aircraft and is an American piston-engines, 4 or 5-seat composite monoplane. Cirrus credits the SR20 for putting them on the map and transforming the aircraft industry.

Cirrus SR20 Specs
Cirrus SR20 Specs - Credit

At Chiota Aviation, we currently have two new 2021 model Cirrus SR20s in our fleet. These planes are perfect for pilot training and give our students a great platform to learn how to fly. We also provide airplane and instructor rates to allow even more use of our aircraft fleet.

As a brand new 2021 model, our Cirrus SR20 aircraft is our fleet's most technologically advanced aircraft. With a high-performance 215hp TAA, this SR20 will also come equipped with Garmin Perspective and state-of-the-art avionics. As a bonus, you will fly comfortably in the hot and humid Texas from the ice-cold air conditioning system. This Cirrus comes equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS®).

Cirrus SR20 Technical Specs

Find out everything you need to know about the technical specs of the Cirrus SR20 below!


  • Base Weight: 2122 lbs (960 kg)

  • Useful Load: 1028 lbs (469 kg)

  • Cabin payload with 3 hr trip fuel and 45 min reserve: 774 lbs (354 kg)


  • Manufacturer: Lycoming

  • Model: IO-390-C3B6

  • Horsepower: 215


  • Wingspan: 38 ft 4 in (11.68 m)

  • Length: 26 ft (7.92 m)

  • Height: 8 ft 11 in (2.7 m)

  • Cabin Width: 49 in (124 cm)

  • Cabin Height: 50 in (127 cm)


  • Takeoff: 1,685 ft (514 m)

  • Climb Rate: 781 ft/min (3.97 m/sec)

  • Max operating Altitude: 17,500 ft (5,334 m)

  • Stall Speed with Flaps: 57 KCAS

  • Max Cruise Speed: 155 KTAS

  • Landing Groundroll: 853 ft (260 m)



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