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How Often Do Pilots Do Check Rides?

A check ride is an important step in the pilot licensing process and the frequency at which these are completed can vary depending on your specific program.

What Is A Check Ride?

A check ride consists of an evaluation by a qualified FAA examiner, typically lasting between two to three hours. The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether or not a pilot has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to operate an aircraft safely.

For initial certification, pilots usually complete one or two check rides prior to obtaining their license. For instance, if you apply for a Private Pilot License (PPL), you will have to pass an oral exam and a flight test before being able to obtain your certification.

How Often Do Pilots Do Check Rides?

If you continue flying after getting your PPL, it is essential that you complete periodic check rides with your instructor. These typically occur every six months for recreational flyers and every 90 days for commercial pilots – when flying under a commercial operator’s certificate (COC). The purpose of these check rides is to verify that the pilot is still proficient in his/her aeronautical skills and knowledge, as well as keeping up with all the new regulations and changes in aviation technology.

Private Pilots & Commercial Pilots

Periodic check rides aren't just limited to private pilots; airline pilots also have to take them periodically. In fact, most commercial aviation companies require their pilots to take one yearly, although some airlines may ask their employees to take two every year or more depending on how often they fly and for how long they have been working for the company. Additionally, if a pilot intends on using their license for international flights, they often need additional check ride assessments.

Pilot Check Rides In Waco, Texas

At Chiota Aviation Inc., we strive towards providing our students with quality training that will prepare them for the successful completion of their check rides so they can become certified pilots without delay! We believe that staying up-to-date with our training and familiarizing ourselves with any changes or advancements in aviation technology is essential to ensuring the safe operation of aircraft over time!


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