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Chiota Aviation offers checkrides ranging from private pilot through ATP. We also offer CFI renewals, 14 CFR § 61.55 SIC Type Ratings. Chiota Aviation can provide the necessary training to get you prepared to pass and complete a checkride with flying colors. Check out our great flight programs for more information.


A checkride is the final step in the process of earning a pilot certificate or aircraft rating. It's the point at which the flight instructor has determined that you as the student have fulfilled all the training requirements and are ready to be tested by a representative of the FAA to conduct the final test in order for you to get your license. Fortunately, 

Passing a checkride allows the pilot to take advantage of all of the privileges of a pilot in command (PIC). Passing a checkride means that a student pilot will be considered a pilot, a milestone that is looked up to by student pilots everywhere. This is where a pilot’s career or hobby really starts.


Let’s take a look at what you can expect from a checkride.


During a private pilot checkride, a student will be required to take an oral exam. During this exam, the pilot examiner will question students about the “rote” material that they are expected to know. This covers what should be present in a logbook, how to handle different weather conditions, and the limits of the specific aircraft that the student is flying. 



During the private pilot checkride, the pilot examiner will ride along with the student pilot from safety walk-around to wheel stop. The student will be asked to demonstrate a series of maneuvers and safety checks through the checkride flight. Depending on the pilot examiner, some students may be asked to turn off or consider a certain instrument or component dead to test them on their skills in real-world situations. 



With dedicated training and industry-leading programs, Chiota ensures that you are prepared for your checkride exam. If you have questions regarding our checkride services or would like more information about how Chiota can help you train for or complete a checkride, feel free to Contact Us

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