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Jeff Alvis is the chief flight instructor at Chiota Aviation. Jeff’s interest in aviation began in his childhood when he was visiting family in Germany. Jeff saw that airplanes were always able to connect him and his family together—regardless of the miles between them. Jeff knew right away that he wanted to provide that same connection for people all over the world. On his journey to becoming a pilot, Jeff felt called to help others realize their aviation dreams as well. He worked as a Certified Flight Instructor and Check Instructor at Texas State Technical College. He has experience as an Airline Transport Pilot, a First Officer at ExpressJet Airlines, and he is currently a Corporate Captain. Additionally, he is a veteran of the US Air Force, with 15 years of experience. When Jeff isn’t flying or providing aviation expertise, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and water sports. Jeff lives with his wife, Tamara, and his sons Colton and Tucker.


ATP; Gold Seal CFI-CFII-MEI-AGI; Aircraft Dispatcher; Type Rated in EMB-145, B-200

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